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Trauma Informed Schools

At Truro Learning Academy we always aim to celebrate and enhance the outcomes of all of our pupils. Sometimes it is necessary to not only teach the basics of reading and writing but to also help your children along with the social and emotional side of their lives. This allows for improved outcomes for all and set the children of TLA with resilience and personal understanding for life.
Formally we have used a format that you may have heard of - ‘The Thrive Approach’. This worked well for TLA but we have now changed to a better model called ‘Trauma Informed Schools’ along with all other Aspire academies. It is not necessary for all children to be supported by this but for some, it can be a helping hand to enhance a child’s wellbeing and get them on track for success.
We believe that learning shouldn’t just be about academic results - that’s only one part of us growing into well rounded human beings. We also need to learn about how and why we feel, think, react and behave in certain ways. And sometimes we get those feelings, thoughts, reactions and behaviours wrong. Just like sometimes we get problems in math’s wrong.
TLA is now a fully trained ‘Trauma Informed School’, something that we are hugely proud of and will inform all of our interactions with your children.
Sometimes it may be necessary to identify why a child is feeling/acting in a certain way and this approach alongside the software screening tool ‘Motional’ will assist us to do so. Naturally, we would always share such concerns with yourself as a parent and you may find that it can help with your own relationship with your children.
You can always ask us directly if you have any questions or concerns as well as looking at the websites listed below. 
Please do not hesitate to contact Jon Evison, Social & Emotional Learning Lead - TiS, should you have any further questions or concerns. 

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