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"I am among those who think that science has great beauty." Marie Curie
Science curriculum intent 

Our intent is to develop each individual’s knowledge and understanding about science and how the world works. We want the children to be confident in their ability and to feel that they know what makes a scientist. We aim for the children to recognise the relevance of science to everyday life and that the skills and knowledge we learn are transferable. Our ultimate aim is for our children to seek to become the next generation of scientists and engineers who make a powerful and lasting contribution to the world they live in.

As educators, we are passionate about encouraging and developing the children’s natural curiosity and wonder as we are surrounded by technology and the products of science every day. Our commitment to providing a high-quality science curriculum is driven by our fundamental aim to inspire children's natural curiosity through open-ended, exploratory and engaging scientific experiences.

We believe that through scientific investigation and enquiry the children can feel empowered to: facilitate leadership opportunities, risk taking and collaborative learning. At TLA, we believe that teaching the science curriculum well, to all pupils, is teaching them how to think, learn, solve problems and make informed decisions. These skills and knowledge are integral to every aspect of a child's education and life experiences.

When learning in science, children are invited to hypothesise; predict; set up experiments and investigations; explore and collect evidence; analyse findings; contend with the unexpected; draw conclusions and accept that sometimes outcomes are not what they expected!

We are a family of scientists at TLA and celebrate the members of our wider community who work in scientific roles. We immerse our children in science-related media including videos, books and high-quality online content to ensure they are kept up-to-date. We actively encourage our children to participate in out-of-school science activities and plan visits that serve to enrich our science curriculum.



The National Curriculum for science aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics
  • develop an understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them
  • are equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.

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