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EYFS Information

EYFS Information
Our Philosophy and Aims
Our philosophy at Truro Learning Academy is 'Aspire to Achieve.' We embed this through everything we do throughout Nursery and Reception. We encourage and support our children to be engaged, motivated, and resilient learners.
To facilitate this, we have designed a progressive, sequential curriculum for our Early Years pupils. We have aligned our Nursery and Reception curriculums to ensure that our children have breath and progression in learning across Nursery and Reception. 
Our approach to learning in the Early Years covers a mixture of child-led learning, and adult-directed activities. We allow our children to take some ownership of their own learning through our continuous provision, while also guiding their learning through more formal inputs and activity led by skilled practitioners. This prepares our children well for the mixture of adult-led learning and continuous provision in our Year 1 class. In the Early Years, our planning is flexible, and we are often guided by our children's needs and interests. We endeavour to provide opportunities to meet the needs and interests of all of our children through our weekly planning and continuous provision. 
Communication and Language 
Communication and language are at the heart of our Early Years curriculum. Each Early Years class has a designated focus text and nursery rhyme each week. This is accompanied by designated target vocabulary and key questions. We read our focus text every day to encourage in-depth discussions about the text. In addition to this, we read stories or sing with our children regularly each day. This ensures that our children are exposed to a wide range of vocabulary and language structures throughout their learning journey in the Early Years. Our highly skilled practitioners also extend and develop our children's language and communication through daily high-quality interactions. Our key texts for the year are mapped out in our Reading Spine, alongside other recommended reads. We also map out our focus nursery rhymes across the year. Please take a look at our Reading Spine below.
Continuous Provision
Continuous provision refers to the resources which are consistently on offer throughout the year in our Early Years classroom. These resources are carefully planned to meet the learning needs and interests of our pupils. Our children have access to high quality, well organised resources which provide them with opportunities to revisit and extend their learning. We regularly add enhancements and provocations to our continuous provision, which act as a stimulus for new learning and ideas. 
Please find below some useful links to phonics and maths games to play with your child at home:

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