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Our Curriculum Statement

Curriculum intent

Our TLA curriculum has been thoughtfully sequenced to best drive progress across all subjects. Each national curriculum subject has a progression of knowledge and skills that has been carefully planned, to ensure that small steps of learning over time lead to excellent outcomes for our children and readiness for the next stage of their education at secondary school. 

Each subject map is rigorous, coherent and builds on what has come before. We have built in opportunities for repetition and practice, so that children are able to recall key concepts and hone their skills over time. We make connections across subjects where this is meaningful and relevant (for example, locational knowledge of Europe is reviewed in geography before Ancient Greece is taught in history). 

Our curriculum is intended to be concise and relevant; we take into careful consideration the needs of our local community. We strive to provide a range of experiences and opportunities, making use of a wealth of local resources in Truro and across Cornwall. 

At TLA, our core values of kindness, reliability, empathy, integrity, resilience and aspiration are at the heart of everything we do and are therefore a feature of our school curriculum. Through our holistic educational offer, we aim to instill in pupils a readiness to learn, develop resilience and grit, foster independence, and ultimately pave the way for a lifelong love of learning.

The ultimate aim of our curriculum is to enable all pupils to excel academically and in character, thus opening up options for the future and inspiring pupils to go on and succeed in whatever field they wish to.

Our intended curriculum is what we intend our pupils to learn over their time with us. This is at least as ambitious as the national curriculum and provides depth, balance and breadth for every learner. Learning has been mapped out by school leaders, often with the support of leaders in the trust and always with the TLA context in mind. Each year group has an overarching theme each half term, usually with a lead subject, which provides an opportunity to get to know the discipline of a subject in depth. 

Our implemented curriculum includes the resources that are prepared and the plans that are made by teachers for each subject in their year group, with the support of subject leaders. Our dedicated teachers then bring this knowledge to life in a meaningful way, ensuring equity of access and high expectations of all. 


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