At Truro Learning Academy, we believe every child deserves to succeed in Maths. To ensure that this happens, we follow a mastery curriculum for the vast majority of our children and carefully tailor alternative Maths provision for a very small number of children who require a different approach to meet their individual needs.

Our vision is for our children to develop a love of Maths and ensure that they feel successful, regardless of their starting points. By following the Number Sense programme from Nursery to Year 2, children develop a firm foundation in essential number facts, enabling them to then become proficient in the fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills that they need in life beyond school.

We have a consistent approach to teaching Maths, underpinned by following the NCETM Curriculum Prioritisation materials and supplemented with additional, high-quality materials. Our teachers plan and deliver small steps in learning, deepening and scaffolding the learning as appropriate. 

In lessons, children receive quality inputs from teachers and answer small step questions in a paper strip format. These questions become progressively more challenging so that all of the children are able to access the initial questions and there is sufficient challenge to stretch the more able mathematicians. Children are taught how to use a variety of manipulatives to support their mathematical understanding and to solve questions with the use of these becoming more independent over time.

Every morning, children, from Year 1, complete a recap sheet during their ‘Morning Maths’ session which focuses on the fundamental elements of Maths so that these core skills become automatic, increasing children’s confidence and competence in key mathematical skills and freeing their working memory, ultimately enabling children to tackle increasingly complex problems.

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