Welcome to Kynance Class page.
Your teachers are Mrs Fisher and Miss Jasper.
Reception is the start of children's TLA experience so we aim to make it a fantastic one.
Summer 2
Wow- Our final half term in reception. 
This half term our topic begins with 'The Farm'. The children have taken great care in looking after the baby chicks. As a class they have decided they would like to visit Dairy land. They want to find out how to look after animals, and are keen to find out what farmers do. We will support the children by enabling opportunities for them to find out. 
Our big number focus for this final half term is 'tricky teen numbers'. Looking at and recognising numbers from 11-19 quickly and confidently. What is one more? One less? Can your child order them? Write them?
Please can you continue to apply sun cream before school on sunny days. If possible model with your child how they could reapply a small amount of sun cream during the day. 
Please could you ensure your child has a named sun hat in school. (If you have any unwanted hats, we would appreciate them as spares). 
Each Friday the children will need their PE kit. Please ensure all uniform is named as it's easier to find the owner if it becomes lost.
Reading books will continue to be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Home learning is sent home each Friday (in red books), please have a go and send back to school on the following Monday
Each Friday a home learning task is sent home with your child. (This can be found in their red book). 
This is to help consolidate skills we are practising in school. Each week the learning will alternate between literacy and maths. 
Please encourage your child to have a go and feel free to share photos via tapestry or email.
We are learning to read and write these common exception words. In school we call them 'red words'. They are words that cannot be decoded easily and have to be learnt as we cannot read them phonetically. Can you practise reading and writing these words so that you know them quickly. Some ideas are:-
Hiding them as passwords around your house
Writing them in rainbow colours
Writing and reading them as many times as you can in 1 minute
Writing them in interesting ways- in the sand, mud, paint etc
Spotting them in books
People who help us...