Handwriting & Writing

Cursive Handwriting

At Truro Learning Academy we introduce cursive writing at Year 1 and follow this all the way through to the end of Key Stage 2.

We pave the way for transition to cursive script by introducing pre-cursive writing in Foundation during the Summer Term. In order to familiarise children with this expectation, we ensure that pre-cursive and cursive script are modelled throughout the school environment. As children begin to demonstrate accuracy and fluency with their letter formation, we begin to invite them to explore the cursive joins. This fluency aids the momentum and flow of their writing and is also linked to dexterity with the application of spelling patterns and rules. Crucially, handwriting fluency and presentation contribute to how a child sees themselves as a writer and so are integral to a child's self-esteem when it comes to recording ideas and publishing their learning outcomes.


It is the aim of our school that every child should be enabled to develop a fluent, legible style of handwriting. Capital and lower case letters should be formed appropriately and letter size should be consistent.

We will provide opportunities for children to develop, practice and perfect skills, and provide targeted support to any child experiencing difficulty.

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